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Mission and Values


To Influence. To Motivate. To Inspire. BLAQ’D the Brand is determined to impact the community by presenting positive messages through design and fashion.  From designs such as the Phenomenal Kid Blanket that urges oneself to ‘Dream Big, to designs such as the Never. Look. Back. Snap-Back that urges the urban gentleman to keep moving forward. BLAQ’D the Brand will continuously create a standard to strive for.


BLAQ’D the Brand’s core values are based on the simple principle of putting our members first. Through YOUR voice, BLAQ’D the Brand will continue to build and grow this empire. Without you, there is no brand. BLAQ’D the Brand values togetherness, family, diversity, inheritance, compassion, people-building, generosity, love, and hope. The beauty of BLAQ’D the Brand lies within the principles and  values designed just for YOU.